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Ahievement Auditions April 18, 2020

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1. Eleanor Greenfield

In a Bonsai Garden - Carrie Kraft

Sparkling in the Night - Wynne-Ann Rossi

2.  Avery Greenfield

Curious Shark - Wynne-Anne Rossi

Grandpa’s Pocket Watch - Deborah Brady

GOLD CUP February 2020

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Aldrich, Serena

Required piece:  P2 - Cowboy World - Lynda Lybeck-Robinson

Beware of Ghosts! - Margaret Goldston

Aldrich, Penelope

Required Piece:  PP - Crazy Chase - Elizabeth Greenleaf

The Witch Who Lost Her Broom - Carol Klose

Dolan, Betty

Required Piece:  P! - Distant Bells - Elizabeth Greenleaf

Leapfrog - Robert Donahue

Flamm, Daniel

Required piece:  Toccata in A Minor - Timothy Brown

Choice Piece:  Evening in the Country - Bela Bartok

Flamm, Renee

Required Piece - Cool Cats - Melody Bober

Choice Piece:  Gigue - Samuel Arnold

Keith Snell Etudes Level 2, p. 4

Greenfield, Avery

Required Piece:  P3 Curious Shark - Wynn-Anne Rossi

Choice Piece:  Ghost Hunt - Kevin Costley

Greenfield, Eleanor

Required Piece:  EI In a Bonsai Garden - Carrie Kraft

Starlight Waltz - Timothy Brown

Joffe, Greyson

Required Piece:  PP Pterodactyls, Really Neat - Nancy Faber

Fred’s a Monkey - Kevin Costley

Lu, James

Required:  Cirque (Circus) - Catherine Rollin

Choice:  Sonatina op. 36 no. 4, Con Spirito - Muzio Clementi

Lu, Marcus

Required - Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin

Clair de Lune - Debussy

Lu, Sophia

Required:  Pete, the Repeat Bird - Nancy Faber

Choice:  Land of Make Believe - Christopher Goldston

Martin, James

Required Piece:  Witches’ Brew - Catherine Rollin

Choice Piece:  Canyon Thunder - Melody Bober

Robinson, Andrew

Required Prelude II (Blue Lullaby) - George Gershwin

Choice Piece - Traumerie Op. 15 no. 2 - RoBert Schumann

Robinson, Christen (Adult)

Required Piece:  Melodie op.3 no 3 - Rachmaninoff

Moonlight Sonata op. 27 no. 2, 1 met - Beethoven

Stern, Gillian

Required piece:  P1 - Chop Suey - Glenda Austin

Moonbeam Waltz - Martha Mier

Summey, Amelia

Required piece:  PP - Airplane Ticket - Kevin Olson

Choice Piece:  The Robin - Timothy Brown

Summey, Luke

Required piece:  P4 - Pirate’s on the High Seas - Deborah Brady

Choice Piece:  Five-Note Sonatina - Oscar Bolck

Waltman, Lily

Required piece: Creepy Crocodile - Catherine Rollin

Halloween Boo! - Melody Bober

Yun, Eli

Required piece:  The Easy Winners - Scott Joplin

Choice piece:  Invention no. 13 in A Minor, BWV 784 - J. S. Bach

Yun, Lucy

Required piece:  rainbow Prelude - Jennifer Linn

Gigue - Samuel Arnold

2019 Recital

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Flamm, Daniel

Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John

8th grade at Garner Middle School

Daniel is a Boy Scout who is planning on becoming an Eagle Scout.  He plays percussion in the Garner Band.  He was the 2018 student of the year at Garner.  In his spare time he enjoys playing with his dog, Lily, and sleeping.  

Flamm, Renee

The Escape - Ken Metz

Pirate’s Tarantella - Catherine Rollin

4th grade, Northwood Elementary

Lu, Marcus

Bohemian Rhapsody - Freddie Mercury, arr. Lucky Piano

11th grade, Basis High School

Yun, Lucy

Fanfare - Cornelius Gurlitt, op. 117, no. 8(1820-1901)  4 minutes

Hats off to you - Mel0dy Bober

     1  secret agent

     2  sombrero song

     3  the Wild West 

    4  the pirate ship

    5  carnival clowns