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GOLD CUP February 2020

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Aldrich, Serena

Required piece:  P2 - Cowboy World - Lynda Lybeck-Robinson

Beware of Ghosts! - Margaret Goldston

Aldrich, Penelope

Required Piece:  PP - Crazy Chase - Elizabeth Greenleaf

The Witch Who Lost Her Broom - Carol Klose

Dolan, Betty

Required Piece:  P! - Distant Bells - Elizabeth Greenleaf

Leapfrog - Robert Donahue

Flamm, Daniel

Required piece:  Toccata in A Minor - Timothy Brown

Choice Piece:  Evening in the Country - Bela Bartok

Flamm, Renee

Required Piece - Cool Cats - Melody Bober

Choice Piece:  Gigue - Samuel Arnold

Keith Snell Etudes Level 2, p. 4

Greenfield, Avery

Required Piece:  P3 Curious Shark - Wynn-Anne Rossi

Choice Piece:  Ghost Hunt - Kevin Costley

Greenfield, Eleanor

Required Piece:  EI In a Bonsai Garden - Carrie Kraft

Starlight Waltz - Timothy Brown

Joffe, Greyson

Required Piece:  PP Pterodactyls, Really Neat - Nancy Faber

Fred’s a Monkey - Kevin Costley

Lu, James

Required:  Cirque (Circus) - Catherine Rollin

Choice:  Sonatina op. 36 no. 4, Con Spirito - Muzio Clementi

Lu, Marcus

Required - Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin

Clair de Lune - Debussy

Lu, Sophia

Required:  Pete, the Repeat Bird - Nancy Faber

Choice:  Land of Make Believe - Christopher Goldston

Martin, James

Required Piece:  Witches’ Brew - Catherine Rollin

Choice Piece:  Canyon Thunder - Melody Bober

Robinson, Andrew

Required Prelude II (Blue Lullaby) - George Gershwin

Choice Piece - Traumerie Op. 15 no. 2 - RoBert Schumann

Robinson, Christen (Adult)

Required Piece:  Melodie op.3 no 3 - Rachmaninoff

Moonlight Sonata op. 27 no. 2, 1 met - Beethoven

Stern, Gillian

Required piece:  P1 - Chop Suey - Glenda Austin

Moonbeam Waltz - Martha Mier

Summey, Amelia

Required piece:  PP - Airplane Ticket - Kevin Olson

Choice Piece:  The Robin - Timothy Brown

Summey, Luke

Required piece:  P4 - Pirate’s on the High Seas - Deborah Brady

Choice Piece:  Five-Note Sonatina - Oscar Bolck

Waltman, Lily

Required piece: Creepy Crocodile - Catherine Rollin

Halloween Boo! - Melody Bober

Yun, Eli

Required piece:  The Easy Winners - Scott Joplin

Choice piece:  Invention no. 13 in A Minor, BWV 784 - J. S. Bach

Yun, Lucy

Required piece:  rainbow Prelude - Jennifer Linn

Gigue - Samuel Arnold